Allen Varney


A capella; romantic

Lyrics by Allen Varney

Rasputin, burn me with your holy fire.

You started as a mystic on the windy Russian steppe.
You healed the true believers when you laid on your hands.
But village priests got nervous as they saw your growing rep,
And sent you out to wander in the foreigners' lands.
You said we had to sin before we could be saved.
You sure did practice what you preached.
Rasputin, lay on your hands and show me how to sin.

The court in old Saint Petersburg got taken by surprise.
They put your healing powers to the ultimate test.
You healed the heir apparent when you looked into his eyes.
Czarina Alexandra took you close to her breast.
You had to pile up sins before you could be saved.
A dozen women helped you out.
Rasputin, look in my eyes, I'll take you to my breast.

<Scat break>

Rasputin, show me your charisma and I'll show you mine.

You never let the rumors, lies, and scandals get you down,
Just sent the ones who talked to the Siberian plains.
But finally conspirators enticed you out of town,
And at a country house they served you madeleines.
The poison couldn't kill you, you were just too tough.
They shot and beat and stabbed until you said

<Backup singers:> "Enough!"

You staggered up and ran, but then they shot you down,
And tied you up and threw you in the lake to drown.
By then they'd run out of ideas.
Grigori, Mother Nature had to bring you down.

I wish you'd stuck around so I could tell you how I feel.
A man who tries to mesmerize just can't get me hot.
For even with your piercing gaze and holy-roller zeal,
He still can't make me stray and then absolve me on the spot.
You said we had to sin before we could be saved,
And no one else could sin like you,

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Copyright (C)1996 Allen Varney.