Allen Varney, Writer and Game Designer

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This page last updated: May 6, 1999

I've written for science fiction fanzines, convention programs, and occasionally to satisfy my own inner drives.

"Our 21st Century Writers"
Join our intrepid reporter in the year 2026 as he visits the leading science fiction writers of the day: first Heinlein Colony (note that I wrote this before Heinlein's death in 1988), then Varley Studios, and finally the greatest of them all. Satire for SF fans.

Live Shots from The Austin Chronicle

Thirty-seven micro-essays about Cadbury World (the chocolatier's theme park), taking part in the Nielsen ratings, the death of a fish, the Ringling Brothers Clown College, designing AD&D adventures, Rice Krispies Squares, and many other vital matters.

More Fan Writing

  • Thruput: A hoax review of a non-existent book, a cyberpunk shared-world anthology (!), written in the earliest days of fandom's cyberpunk craze (1986)
  • A tribute to novelist and game designer Aaron Allston, written for the Coastcon 1990 program book
  • "Rasputin": An unpublished 1994 love song about the Russian monk (not inspired by Boney M's 1970s "Ra Ra Rasputine")

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